“We try to keep up with the best in all of our equipment and the DX300 is the best wireless headset system I have used. The ease of use, clarity of sound and ease of setup makes it top. We have been blessed to be able to use this system.”

– Coach Sean Doyle
Cathedral Catholic High School


“All of us at Saint Augustine football are ecstatic about HME’s DX300 sideline communication system. In the past several seasons we have gone through multiple systems and finally we have found a system that provides the audio clarity, reliability and ease of use that we need and want. Now we no longer worry about when or if our headsets will go out, it is awesome to be able to focus on what matters… our players and our game plan.”

– Coach Jerry Ralph
St. Augustine High School


“The HME System is easy to use, clear and hassle free… Communication between coaches is simple and clear. You don’t have to fumble with any buttons, which allows coaches to coach.”

– Coach Tory Corley
San Pasqual High School
“Home of the Fighting Eagles”


“The DX300 has been a smashing success for our coaches. It is lightweight, quick to set up and simple to operate, without sacrificing any essential features. We played a nationally televised game on a field with known RF interference problems and it worked flawlessly.”

– Coach Jason Lindquist
Poway High School


“The quality of the technology and the flexibility of the system allows us to maximize our communication during our games.”

– Coach Damian Gonzalez
Poway High School


“The system is very light which makes transportation and setup easy. The compact and lightweight beltpac enhances sideline productivity.”

– Coach Phillip Burian
Poway High School


“The HME headphones are exceptional. The sound quality, versatility, and durability are great. It is one less thing to be concerned about on game day.”

– Head Coach Steve Lineweaver
Trinity High School
Euless, TX


“For high school coaches the HME headphones finally allow you to focus more on the kids instead of worrying about how things are going to work. Especially on game day, where the worry of being able to communicate is gone.”

– Jason Caruso
Football Operations
Trinity High School
Euless, TX


“Our switch to HME has been the best improvement to our program. Our sideline communications have improved significantly. At the touch of a button, I can listen and participate with coaches across the field. The lightweight, hands-free system leaves me free to work with our athletes. As head coach, I couldn’t be happier – I wholeheartedly recommend HME to everyone!”

– Head Coach Marc Salazar
Golden West High School
“Home of Blazer Strong Football”
Visalia, CA


“The DX300 System was the most reliable, quality headset system that I have worked with in 17 years of coaching. They are easy to use and the quality they gave us throughout the season was outstanding. The last thing a coaching staff wants to worry about on game night is headsets and Oshkosh North High School never worried about this system.”

– Chris Kujawa
Head Football Coach
Oshkosh North High School


“HME is an awesome system that is dependable, durable, and easy to use. We get outstanding quality and support with this football headset system. HME develops and distributes the right technology for any team. We are especially pleased with our HME system here at Lincoln High School.”

– Jerry Sands
Head Football Coach
Lincoln High School
Dallas, TX

“HME wireless headset communication systems allows all of our football coaches to talk one on one or simultaneously. Our offensive coaches can talk to each other while our defensive coaches are talking to each other. Our head coach has an option to be on either side or talk to the whole group at his leisure. At Lincoln High School, we feel we have an advantage. We know our headsets are clear and dependable.”

– Don Havens
Offensive Coordinator
Lincoln High School
Dallas, TX


“We found the HME headsets to be a pleasant convenience compared to our past experiences. Because they are so hardy and have a back up battery we never worried about their performance in bad weather or on the road…and if I am not having to think about getting headsets to work I have more focus on the game.”

– Coach Doug Allison
Mathews High School
Mathews, VA


“The HME headphones that we purchased during the middle of the season were head and shoulders above any product that I have used, at the college and or high school levels. After purchasing the headphones, we actually won 4 out of 5 games down the stretch… amazing what some consistent communication will do for a program.”

– Adam C. Mathieson
Coordinator of Athletics & Head Football Coach
Mountain View High School
Vancouver, WA