Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for considering HME and I wish you and your team a great season. First, let’s start with a key bits of information which will aid you as you review the FAQs. All users who purchase a system or systems through us have a couple of questions they must first answer before we can properly quote you on any system. These are:

How many headsets will you need for coaches in the press box?

How many headsets will you need for coaches on the field including the head coach?

Will you want all the coaches on the field to be able to speak to each other and/or their assigned group, i.e., offense or defense as if they were talking on a telephone (hands-free)? NOTE: This is an important question and one that a majority of the coaches answer YES.

Would your coaching staff prefer headsets, which attach via a wire tether to a beltpac, placed on their pants/belt? Or, would they prefer a headset, which has all the controls in the earpiece termed All-in-One (AIO). Or, a combination of both? NOTE: The majority of the systems we sell are beltpac only. These seem to be more popular with the coaches by approximately 60% beltpac and 40% AIO. We sell very few combinations as a general rule. As a light-hearted sidebar, the beltpacs also limit the distance a coach can throw his headset when emotions get the best of him. Another plus!

Other FAQ's include:

Is the system ready to operate or do I require additional undisclosed components?

ANSWER: Your system is ready to go. The only thing you should purchase are some heavy duty Energizer Lithium batteries to keep for your base station. The Base runs on electricity but in cases where the press box does not have power you will need the batteries. This is very helpful in both cases where the press box does not have power OR there is a power loss during the game.

How long will the base function on batteries?

ANSWER: With Energizer Lithium batteries you will get 6 hours of CONTINUOUS use.

How can I preserve battery power if I need to switch or use the batteries?

ANSWER: Turn the base off at halftime and watch the band play. Fire it back up when the boys come out of the locker room/field house.

With the DX-300 (2u/3d) are all the field headsets open mic or is this not included.

ANSWER: They are all open mic and can be configured and/or segregated a number of different ways by you, the end user. We provide additional instructions on multiple configurations that can be done with the headset system.

I don’t want some of my coaching staff to be able to talk. Moreover, just listen. Is this possible?

ANSWER: Absolutely. You can use the programming buttons to change the way all the coaches or just some of the coaches communicate. Programming is easy to complete and instructions are included in the box.

Some of the coaches want to use the beltpac button when they wish to communicate as they don’t want everyone or a select group to hear everything that they are stating. Is this possible?

ANSWER: Most definitely. Configuration of the headsets can be done in any number of ways and can be programmed right from the headset itself. We provide directions for programming in every system we sell. If you ever used a computer keyboard it is just about as easy programming a headset.

Is the head coach able to speak to everyone?

ANSWER: You’re darn right. He’s the head coach he can talk to whomever he pleases, i.e., just the offense, just the defense or if he is really ticked off, he can talk with EVERYONE! Other coaches can be configured the same way but we want the head coach to always feel important so we simply note him here.

OK, we’ve got 3 or 4 coaches in the press box and all of them want to be able to communicate. Do we need to share headsets?

ANSWER: No, you would simply need to purchase additional UP headsets as well as a splitter for the 3rd or 4th set. You can have a maximum of 4 UP headsets per base.

What happens if there is greater than 4 coaches in the press box?

ANSWER: You would need an additional base station and you would link the two bases together. You can have up to 8 UP coaches with 2 base stations.

How many times do we have to register the headsets with the base?

ANSWER: One time only. After the first time, the system is ready to go. NOTE: We ship the headsets already registered to the base so this part is done but we give you directions if you feel compelled to re-register or add on headsets after the initial purchase.

If the opposing team has an HME headset will there be a conflict?

ANSWER: You could have 100 teams in the stadium all using HME and none of them would conflict with the other team.

Does HME have interference issues from cell phones or other devices?

ANSWER: We have not received any calls concerning interference from other radio/phone sources. At times, an all-metal press box could make for a poor signal but this can be corrected with an external antenna (optional accessory). This is a rarity and I can honestly state that our dealership has not sold any external antennas since we’ve become an HME dealer.

What is the maximum number of coaches that can be placed on HME using multiple linked systems?


How many channels are in a DX-300 system?

ANSWER: A total of 5 channels. 1 for each up station (typically 2 up) and 1 channel for each down station (typically 3 down). Therefore, a 2u/3d system takes up 5 channels.

What happens if I have additional coaches but not enough channels?

ANSWER: With a base DX-300 system, 3 of the coaches would have open mic channels (duplex) and additional coaches on the field would only be able to use tap-to-talk (TTT) and may receive a busy message if they try to speak when one of the coaches on the open mic is already talking.

Is there a means that all coaches on the field can have open mic (duplex) capabilities?

ANSWER: Yes, you would need to purchase an Expander base (EB300). This device attaches to the base and enables you to have up to 3 more coaches on the field communicate via open mic (duplex).

What happens if I have more coaches on the field than a DX-300 AND an Expander Base (EB-300) will accommodate.

ANSWER: Gosh, you’ve got lots of coaches but no worries, you would simply add another base station to the system which would give you an additional 3 down coaches having open mic (duplex)ability. You can only have 1 Expander Base (EB-300) but you can link multiple base stations together with an Expander base at the end.

I only have 1 coach in the press box can I have 4 coaches on the field using open mic or do I need to purchase an Expander Base (EB-300)?

ANSWER: You can have 4 coaches on the field with open mic. You would simply change your base station from dual mode (normal/default operating) to single mode. I might add having just 1 coach in the press box is does not occur that often. We have not sold any 1up systems as of this writing.

What is the warranty with an HME System?

ANSWER: 2 years (see warranty info on the HME website for more info)

What are the highlights of HME that separates it from other brands?

ANSWER: Audio clarity, pricing, durability.

Do HME Systems need to be returned to us for re-furbishing/re-alignment or software update each year as I’ve heard other manufacturers require this?

ANSWER: NO. Under normal wear and tear, you should get many years out of your system.

What should I do if the headsets get wet/damp.

ANSWER: Have your equipment staff dry headsets and related components well before storage.

Since all the headsets are single-muff, is it possible to get double muffs.

ANSWER: Yes, double muff headsets are an optional accessory. We have them but really don’t sell that many of them.

What should we do with the system in the off-season?

ANSWER: Remove all batteries as well as base station batteries and store in a dry area. You can charge the batteries to exercise them as a good rule.

How long does it take to set up a system once we arrive at the field?

ANSWER: On the average, you need 7-10 minutes max.

What parts wear out most often from normal wear/tear?

ANSWER: I would say the headset muffs after a few years should be replaced. They seem to wear the most but will last for many years if you take care of them. Probably a good idea to cautiously clean with warm water at year’s end.

Does HME just make coaching headsets?

ANSWER: The coaching sets are a division of HME. The California-based company makes a number of electronic components including other headsets for industry, restaurants and more. We only sell coaching products manufactured by HME.

What are your payment terms?

ANSWER: For school districts and colleges we accept POs via e-mail or fax.