EB300 expansion BASE

EB300 Extender Base

Winning on the football field just got easier with HM Electronics’ EB300 Extender Base, which lets coaches add more users to the company’s DX300 wireless football headset system.

By connecting the EB300 to the system’s MB300 base station, game planners can economically allow up to eight coaches to clearly communicate wirelessly during game time in hands-free full duplex mode and up to 30 total wireless in share mode, whether they’re perched in the press box or prowling the sidelines.

Additionally, up to 4 coaches can communicate on hardwired headsets plugged into the base station – up to 34 coaches total in duplex/share/hardwired combination.

The EB300 expands the DX300 system’s reach without requiring a second MB300 Base Station. Coaches can still configure talking patterns so they speak exclusively to the defense or offense, or confer with all coaches during special teams play. For more elaborate game plans, the system can be configured to work in dual channel mode for separate offense and defense channels, or single channel for more simultaneous wireless talkers. Most importantly, the new EB300 allows coaches to greatly expand the number of users for less than half the price of having to purchase a second base station.



What coaches are saying . . .

“The EB300 is fantastic,” said Damian Gonzalez, head coach of 2011 Div 1 Champion Poway (Calif.) High School. “We love the portability and how easy it is to use.”

HME’s EB300 is just the latest addition to the DX300 wireless football headset system, which gives coaches a lightweight, clear and hands-free communications platform for calling plays or making critical game-time adjustments.

“The sound quality is unbelievable,” Gonzalez added. “It is extremely clear—with no interference.”

As HME® sees it, a coach’s priority should be the action on the field, not concerns about communications hardware. Coaches don’t have to worry about cumbersome buttons when they put on the headset with the lightweight Beltpac, or All-In-One headset without the Beltpac.

Coaches using the system can depend on the headsets’ sound quality, which is audible above roaring crowds. Because no frequency coordination is required in any location, coaches can take the system to away games without local interference.

Secure, encrypted communication ensures that the coach’s play calling is safe from opposing teams, and the system’s lithium-ion batteries take less than three hours to charge and can keep coaches in touch for up to 24 hours, which is well beyond overtime.